Kurt Rakos Speaks at When Generations Connect event

Recently, the College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University Young Alumni Committee held an event titled, “When Generations Connect,” at the  St. Thomas’ Minneapolis campus. This event served to provide a foundation for how generations work, how they think and what drives them crazy. Attendees came from graduating classes as far back as 1971 up to 2013, granting all in attendance a firsthand perspective to how the multigenerational workforce affects their livelihood. 

Kurt Rakos spoke and shared an insightful perspective as Partner engaging with his own multigenerational workforce.

Rakos said SkyWater, takes “significant strides in having the best company culture we can. A true testament to our culture and our work environment is our extremely low turnover rate [of] less than 5 percent.” The employee age range at the firm is 22-77, with more than half of employees being Millennials. Rakos described the firm’s management style as “timeless…whether you are a baby boomer, Gen X or a Millennial we all still want the same things: respect, transparency, an open door policy, a sense of purpose and integrity. So no matter how old or young you are these are the things that really matter.”