Job Seekers! Stop Applying To Job Postings Now

Job Seekers! Stop Applying To Job Postings

Job Seekers! Stop Applying To Job Postings Now

According to the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, job openings in the US reached their highest level since 2001 during February of this year. That’s great news for job seekers – in theory. The reality is that many are still struggling to secure a job offer despite the overwhelming number of new vacancies.

If you’re one of the millions of applicants who submit your resume to vacancies advertised on job boards and public corporate careers sites our advice to you is this. Stop what you’re doing. Explore the hidden jobs market.

It’s not as crazy an idea as it sounds. Think about it for a moment.

Applying for a job via a job board means your resume has to first of all bypass the automated screening systems that most employers now use to filter out thousands of applicants for their job posts. If your keywords and your background don’t result in a perfect match your resume won’t see the light of day.

‘Hidden jobs’ never appear on a job board. Qualified candidates are sourced, interviewed and hired without the vacancy ever becoming public.

How do you access that market? Here are our tips:

Limit direct applications to vacancies found on job sites: Unless your career background is 100% perfect for the role, you’ll fail at the first hurdle. Commit your time and resources to the hidden jobs market. Some research suggests you have less than 1 chance in 100 of securing an interview by applying to job adverts.

Network: Read our previous articles 9 Essential Networking Tips For Your Job Search and 5 Ways To Network Effectively. Effective networking will help you to unlock the jobs that are filled through employee referrals, recommendations or by chance discussions with hiring managers or senior company executives.

Demonstrate your ability to meet the job requirements: What skills and achievements will convince the hiring manager you have the potential to meet the performance objectives of this job? Highlight those on your resume. Ensure you are judged on your accomplishments and your potential to grow and develop new skills.

Prepare thoroughly: You’ve worked hard to secure an interview. Work harder to prepare for it. Scrutinize the job description and responsibilities, prepare examples of where your experience meets those requirements. Research the company, the background of the hiring manager and any additional members of the interview panel. In networking your way into an interview you have impressed someone with influence in the final candidate selection along the way. Don’t waste your opportunity. For further advice preparing for your interview, check out these 5 interview tips you can’t afford to miss.

Work with a specialist recruiter: The emphasis here is on ‘specialist’. A recruiter with a track record in your industry will have instant access to the hidden jobs market that’s relevant to your career. What’s more they will probably enjoy direct access to the hiring managers of organizations on your target list. To get the most out of your relationship with your recruiter be clear on your career objectives and realistic on issues such as target salary and your willingness to relocate for the right job. Your recruiter will also advise you on interview techniques and provide additional insight into the company culture and leadership.

The job search is changing. If you’re serious about changing your career you need to change with it.

Kurt Rakos

Kurt Rakos