On The Move: Why Going Mobile Is Essential In Your Hiring Process

Going Mobile Is Essential In the Hiring Process

On The Move: Why Going Mobile Is Essential In Your Hiring Process

Make no mistake about it, the use of mobile devices is on the rise and it is impacting the hiring process. It’s now estimated that around 70% of job seekers use mobile devices as they consider their next career move and 23% of all keyword searches from mobile devices contain the word “job.”

As increasing numbers of candidates turn to the convenience of the mobile job search, where does your brand fall on the mobile friendly scale?

Talent HQ revealed that only 26 of the Fortune 500 companies are optimized for mobile users. If your organization is yet to be convinced, you might wish to consider the following benefits to “going mobile” with your talent acquisition strategy:

Improved communications

Candidates can respond quickly to job advertisements and recruiter inquiries at any time of day. This will reduce the time in the hiring process and as we’ve often said before, an overlong recruitment cycle will result in the loss of talent from your pipeline.

To improve the communication process, it’s essential that your career site is mobile friendly from the moment your candidate arrives on your career site to the moment they leave. First impressions count; make your site easy to navigate and ensure it reflects your brand image. Don’t lose your potential talent before the hiring process has begun. Check that the candidate experience is streamlined, smooth and straightforward.

Better experience

The hiring process as a whole can generally be a more positive experience for the candidate but a company’s website must be fully optimized for candidates applying via mobile devices.

Quickly identify local candidates

The most advanced GPS technology enables companies to target the potential talent in their local area. This again expedites the hiring process as employers can quickly text information on upcoming vacancies directly to targeted candidates.

Keep your brand visible

Social media updates across the board, coupled with regular text messages, position your brand at the front of your potential candidates’ minds when it comes to their next career move.

LinkedIn is the obvious first port of call but Twitter and Facebook are growing in popularity. The majority of mobile users visit Facebook via their devices and over two million jobs are currently listed on Facebook. Personalize the experience by using videos to promote the culture of your company with current employees discussing their experience of working with your organization.

In summary

While going mobile is a useful tool when it comes to boosting your talent pipeline, recruitment is about people and it isn’t a substitute for personal contact. Having said that, there’s no doubt that a mobile friendly candidate experience will highlight your brand as a forward thinking company – which can only be a positive step in your talent acquisition strategy.

Paul Beard

Paul Beard