VP of Finance Operations – Human Resources Software Provider

Josh is a fantastic partner. He listens and actively engages to better understand the key competencies needed for the role. When referring candidates, he is upfront on their strengths and opportunities relative to the key competencies. I find this extremely useful as sometimes the positions we are hiring have a broad range of expectations and it’s not always feasible to have strengths in all areas. Josh and I are able to identify the critical vs. nice to have competencies which allows him to submit the best candidates.

The other great aspect of working with Josh is he strives to communicate via my preferred method. He knows I’m in back-to-back meetings most days and so while we try to connect via the phone, it’s not always feasible. He’s great at working through email so I can respond as time allows, and he’s been flexible for calls before or after traditional work hours.

Overall, my experience with SkyWater, specifically with Josh, has always been professional, engaging, and nothing but enjoyable.

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