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We owe a big thank you to all of our wonderful clients who have provided reviews of our search firm and recruiters. We truly appreciate every word.

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" My experience with Kyle and his team was a very positive one. He was able to identify a great candidate for us and our new employee is working out well! Kyle was also able to work out an amicable arrangement with the fee, which I very much appreciated. We would have probably moved in a different direction if the fee would have exceeded our budget. I look forward to working with Kyle in the future on other placements. A true professional in his field! "

Human Resources Manager – Manufacturing Solutions Company | November 18, 2019

" My experience working with Adam Mott was really good. He was quick to call or email, he sent over quality candidates, and he was understanding of our timeline for hiring, including our delays in communication from the hiring manager, or a push to get an offer out quickly. I wouldn’t change anything about my experience working with Adam. He did a fantastic job and we look forward to working with him in the future! "

Human Resources Manager – Manufacturing Company | August 1, 2019

" We had a great experience with Corey, particularly because some changes on our end made things complicated for him. He was able to keep a good group of candidates interested in us despite our leadership change just before interviews, so we had the good problem of thinking hard about what level candidate was the right fit for us. I also appreciated that he was willing to be flexible a bit on communication, as opposed to other recruiters I’ve dealt with who insist on being the middleman for every last communication. Looking forward to this being the first of hopefully a couple other roles we’ll need some help filling. "

VP of Supply Chain – Lighting Manufacturer | May 9, 2019

" Matt did a great job. As you are quite aware, as a business leader I have a lot of options with regards to my recruiting needs. Over my 32 years of leading business, I probably have used a dozen or more recruiting firms for different roles. Most of them were out of state groups that specialized in what I was looking for at the time or are specialized in our industry. I like that you guys are local and seem to have a well balanced portfolio, and a personal yet down to earth staff which is much appreciated. Matt was a pleasure to work with. He was appropriately aggressive with our search and presented outstanding candidates that fit our needs. I will definitely use Matt again for our next search. "

CEO – Commercial Fixture Company | February 26, 2019

" I wanted to send you a note to say "Thank You" for your work in finding us a great production manager. You certainly made the process seamless. I expected the process to take much longer. With your insight and understanding of the type of candidate we were looking for, we were able to make an excellent hire in a short amount of time. I look forward to working with SkyWater for our future hiring needs. "

President – Industrial Manufacturer & Distributor | January 26, 2019

" When I was first introduced to SkyWater Search, they had inherited our search from a different recruiter who left and the results fell flat. However, SkyWater Search made a point to follow up with me to gain an understanding of our company and discuss additional staffing options for our business model. Prior to embarking on our director level search, they found a terrific candidate for us fora junior position we needed to fill, and we were ready to extend an offer when the candidate withdrew due to a death in his immediate family. I was impressed that they kept plugging away at the junior employee position while also being able to bring us solid candidates for the director position that ended up being of to the SkyWater candidate. He is our first senior level employee and plays a critical role in our company and SkyWater Search nailed it. Specifically, something I find helpful is that when SkyWater presents a candidate, they didn't just send a resume. SkyWater takes the time to deliver a bulleted synopsis of the individual along with how his/her experience fits into our needs. Finally, I will also give a shout out to Kurt Rakos who has also taken the time to learn more about our business and provide outstanding customer service and counsel. "

Director for Sales Operations – Industrial Capital Equipment | November 26, 2018

" Lindsay worked well with our internal Talent Development and Finance Teams, as we have a fairly rigorous process. The early signs with our new hire are excellent. "

Director of Outside Sales – Construction & Design Company | March 2, 2020

" It was a pleasure working with Brady on the engagement. He did a nice job, getting to know me and the position qualifications on the front end. I like the way he handled the interactions with the candidates, his honesty with all involved, and intentions of finding the best fit for us. Hopefully we don't have to do it again soon, but I'd be a repeat customer if we did. "

CFO – Real Estate Investment Firm | April 26, 2019

" Casey is terrific is a terrific business partner. We had an excellent experience. I definitely appreciate how he truly listens and understands the best ways to work together. Thanks again! We will certainly look to work with you again in the near future. "

COO – Profesional Photography | March 26, 2019

" I believe Brady and I have worked together 3 times before to hire people. He's my go-to' for placements. He takes the time to listen, understand what the firm needs and then is thoughtful to connect us to people that align with our needs. He is honest if he doesn't think that who we are looking for exists. Mostly, I appreciate that he doesn't pressure us to hire, he cares about getting the fit right. "

Client Advisor – Wealth Management Firm | March 26, 2019

" Well, we liked how SkyWater Search handled it so much we signed them up to find another member of our leadership team immediately after our new hire signed. Our HR manager who's been resistant to retained search in the past was so happy with how the Finance Director search went and SkyWater's performance that I think we are now a full convert and are 100% behind using SkyWater Search again for our OPS director. Couldn't be happier with how things went! "

President – E-Commerce Distributor | February 26, 2019

" The candidate they gave us has been great and has dug right in. I have worked with SkyWater Search both personally on searches and now as a resource to find talent and they has been great both times. We will certainly reach out to SkyWater in the future if the need is there! "

Senior Accountant – Retail -Franchise | October 26, 2018

" Everything has gone really smoothly working with Alex. He was extremely attentive to my needs for the roles I was trying to fill. He didn't send over candidates that were not a good fit based on the discussions he and I had which I really appreciate. He was not pushy like many recruiters can be. He stayed on the ball the entire time helping coordinate interviews, follow up discussions, and partnering on the placement. He is very solid and I am a big fan. Our new developer started yesterday so excited to see how he takes to the new opportunity. "

Hiring Manager – Transportation Company | April 26, 2019

" Not too much to complain about. It was a good experience overall. SkyWater was able to find us some good candidates similar to what we were looking for very quickly. The communication was also prettygood. Thanks again! "

QA Manager – Auto Parts Distributor | December 26, 2018

" Honestly, SkyWater was awesome. The process on SkyWater's part was great. Adam had great candidates, and we were able to grow our team exactly the way we wanted. "

Sr. Director of App Dev – Lifestyle Company | December 26, 2018

" I have been impressed by the work Skywater Search has done for us on this search, as well as on the search for a national sales manager. It was truly amazing. I have been impressed by the speed candidates were presented to us, as well as with the quality of every single candidate. I have been working with Ben Lehman very closely on the assignment for the HR Manager role and I have really enjoyed it. His way of working has been very professional and yet very personal and friendly. "

Global HR Director – Industrial Manufacturing Company | January 15, 2020

" Josh is a fantastic partner. He listens and actively engages to better understand the key competencies needed for the role. When referring candidates, he is upfront on their strengths and opportunities relative to the key competencies. I find this extremely useful as sometimes the positions we are hiring have a broad range of expectations and it’s not always feasible to have strengths in all areas. Josh and I are able to identify the critical vs. nice to have competencies which allows him to submit the best candidates. The other great aspect of working with Josh is he strives to communicate via my preferred method. He knows I’m in back-to-back meetings most days and so while we try to connect via the phone, it’s not always feasible. He’s great at working through email so I can respond as time allows, and he’s been flexible for calls before or after traditional work hours. Overall, my experience with SkyWater, specifically with Josh, has always been professional, engaging, and nothing but enjoyable. "

VP of Finance Operations – Human Resources Software Provider | October 21, 2019

" Our new team member joined us last Monday and I believe he will be an excellent HR partner. Ben Lehmann was great to work with. He was focused and tight on the candidates that he brought forth and patient given the retirements that we had within the company - and resulting stops and starts. He was professional and represented our company well. I would engage with Skywater and Ben again in the future. "

CEO – Retail Company | May 9, 2019

" SkyWater has been an excellent resource for our company's staffing needs. Not only are they very knowledgeable on the industry, but they are also highly responsive to all emails and quickly jump on new needs. Matt listens to our demanding requests and provides high quality candidates that fit like a glove to our culture. Highly recommend working with SkyWater. "

HR Manager – Beverage Operations | November 26, 2018

" I am glad to have a chance to brag on Connor.  I was very impressed with the lineup of candidates he brought to us and his communication from the beginning was clear, consistent, and very thorough. We were working on a tight timeline and the search began just prior to the holidays but that didn’t slow him down. He asked a lot of questions to understand who our company is and what we value in candidates and he brought us just that.  We typically try to search for sales candidates on our own, but I would be very confident placing a future search into Connor’s hands. "

Director of Sales – Construction & Design Company | March 2, 2020

" Will Brady is a professional. He has been great to work with - always friendly and timely with follow up. "

Director of Sales – Manufacturing Company | March 2, 2020

" Lindsay worked well with our internal Talent Development and Finance Teams, as we have a fairly rigorous process. The early signs with our new hire are excellent. "

Director of Outside Sales – Construction & Design Company | March 2, 2020

" I’ve worked with Brady both as the candidate, as well as the client. Simply put, both experiences were great. He exhibits a level of candor that’s not typical in the industry. I wouldn’t hesitate to engage Brady & SkyWater for further hiring needs. "

Financial Controller – Commercial Real Estate Company | January 16, 2020

" Colton does a great job. I have worked with plenty of recruiters/headhunters/placement partners, whatever their favorite label is, over the years. Colton and your team have delivered the best stream of candidates for our sales roles we have ever seen. "

Director of Sales – Electrical Supply Company | November 18, 2019

" The process with Brian could not have gone any better!  He’s professional, detail-oriented, knowledgeable, impeccable follow-through and I enjoyed working with him. "

Director – Consumer Packaged Goods Producer | October 24, 2019

" I love SkyWater and Brian does an excellent job.  Really outstanding job on all fronts. "

VP of Sales – Consumer Packaged Goods | October 21, 2019

" Connor did a great job identifying candidates for me.  He listened to what I needed and had wonderful follow up.  I am happy to have found this partnership. "

Director of Sales – Technology Solutions | October 14, 2019

" Our experience with SkyWater was great. Connor was excellent at following up consistently without being pushy or overbearing. At the time of this hire, we had several important positions open and I was not able to follow up as consistently as I would have liked and it was a relief to know that Connor wouldn't let us fall through the cracks because of our busy schedules. Connor of us several options throughout the interview process to accommodate to our needs and was patient with our sometimes less-than-prompt responses! "

HR Generalist – Industrial Services Company | February 26, 2019

" Our experience working with SkyWater for this search has been great. We get high-quality candidates, and SkyWater Search did a great job pre-screening and finding people who would be a fit for our organization. It is very refreshing to be getting high-quality candidates versus just a high quantity. Not every search firm will vet their candidates out to the extent that we have seen from your recruiters, which is why we have returned to SkyWater to help recruit for additional openings. "

Senior Sales Executive – Manufacturing Industry | February 26, 2019

" So far, our candidate has been fantastic and she is catching on very quickly. She's already been down to meet with the Target team. As far as how the process went, all three candidates were good and two of the three I was extremely impressed with. Ben worked well to get the interviews set up quickly, was very responsive to all of my questions and was quick to follow up on all details once we made the decision to move forward with our selected candidate. "

VP Client Services – Merchandising Company | January 26, 2019

" SkyWater was thorough and personable and did very well in all aspects. It was a pleasure working with Connor on this position. "

Director of Sales – OEM Leader | January 26, 2019

" Regarding my experience working with SkyWater Search, I was very pleased. On the front end, I thought there was a lot of attention paid to gaining specific candidate requirements for the position and that the candidates presented were vetted and were legitimate candidates. Persistence was good without being pushy and follow up was good as well. I have had bad experiences with other recruiting companies recently, so my experience with SkyWater was refreshing. "

VP of Sales and Marketing for Industrial Distributor | November 26, 2018

" I appreciate SkyWater's open communication dialog. I always knew exactly where they were in the process and they were able to give me feedback and insight from the potential candidates. Even after our candidate accepted the position, SkyWater Search did an excellent job coaching myself on different ways to stay in contact with our new hire during the period of time after he gave his three week notice. I think this was super beneficial in retaining him as a new employee because his previous employer was putting pressure on him to stay. I would definitely consider using Skywater Search again in the future for hiring needs. "

Vice President – Oil Industry | February 26, 2019

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