Searches are not a one-size-fits-all approach. Different positions require different talent, and it’s the level of talent you need that will dictate your recruiting options. Here is some information about our services that can help you determine the option that’s right for you.

Our Services

Retained Search

A search for top-level executives is best suited for a retained search agreement. As your exclusive retained executive search firm, we serve as a trusted strategic partner, helping you build a superior leadership team through identifying core leadership competencies, needs prioritization, continuity planning, and more.

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Engaged Search

This type of search is most typical with manager and director-level positions. In engaged recruiting, a percentage of the fee is paid when the search starts, but the rest is only paid if our candidate is placed. If you want the middle ground between retained and contingency, an engaged search is the route to go.

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Contingent Search

A contingent search is most commonly used for mid to senior-level to individual contributor roles. When working with an employer on a contingency basis, we are paid only after the recruiter finds a candidate that the client hires. The fee is typically paid on the first day of employment. The fees are based on the candidates' first-year target compensation.

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Our Practice Areas

Our practice area expertise and daily contact with top talent enable us to consistently provide highly-qualified and committed candidates.

Executive Retained Search

We know that every great leadership team is more than a collection of great individuals. It is a dynamic coalition, developed only through the careful meshing of individual strengths, styles, and experiences.

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MedTech & Life Science

We’ll find, vet and secure MedTech & Life Science professionals with the skill set you’re looking for – but we won’t overwhelm you with a multitude of candidates.

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Accounting & Finance

As financial recruiters our focus is to find and secure the best accounting and finance talent for our client’s specific business needs.

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Operations, Engineering, Supply Chain

We’ll find, vet and secure technical and engineering talent with the skill set you’re looking for – but we won’t overwhelm you with a multitude of candidates.

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Human Resources

Our network of human resources specialists and executives enables our HR practice group to consistently provide top caliber talent for a wide range of companies – large and small.

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IT Executive Recruiters

Our IT recruiters have access to niche specialists, senior leaders, and more. We understand the challenge of finding and hiring experienced IT professionals.

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Our network of legal specialists and executives enables our legal practice group to consistently provide top-caliber talent for a wide range of companies – large and small.

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Sales Recruiters

Our experience as sales executives and sales recruiters provides keen insight into both finding the right sales leaders and securing their interest in a position.

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Talent moves fast, so do we. Let us show you the most highly qualified, fully vetted marketing candidates first. Our rigorous sourcing and evaluation process can dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to hire the right talent.

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Financial Services

Our Financial Services group specializes in connecting finance professionals for full-time positions primarily in the Twin Cities metro area.

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We are no strangers to the construction and civil engineering field. Our specialized team comes with an extensive network of industry professionals who help clients gain access to the best in the industry.

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Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Our Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) recruiting group is made of specialists who have extensive experience recruiting for positions in the CPG field.

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“Matt did a great job. As you are quite aware, as a business leader I have a lot of options with regards to my recruiting needs. Over my 32 years of leading business, I probably have used a dozen or more recruiting firms for different roles. Most of them were out of state groups that specialized in what I was looking for at the time or are specialized in our industry. I like that you guys are local and seem to have a well balanced portfolio, and a personal yet down to earth staff which is much appreciated. Matt was a pleasure to work with. He was appropriately aggressive with our search and presented outstanding candidates that fit our needs. I will definitely use Matt again for our next search.”

CEO – Commercial Fixture Company | February 2019 OPERATIONS & ENGINEERING


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