Hiring Manager – Technology Firm

Zac was great to work with throughout the process. He got me some great candidates to review and interview, while also using some to help calibrate his understanding of what I needed. All of which I appreciated.

Putting aside the talent pool aspect, what I appreciated about Zac was his clear communication and alignment with our goals. First, he did not create any arbitrary walls between me and the candidate(s), which was a major positive. Second, the way he handled the entire process showed he had the same goal as me in “find the right person to fill the opportunity we have” while also making sure he is “finding the right opportunity for the person in his candidate pool”. My point is I truly felt he was looking at finding the match from both perspectives, which to me is extremely important when someone is recruiting for me. Putting himself in both sets of shoes is what I believe maximizes the likelihood of a solid hire.

I definitely will look to work with Zac as future opportunities arise.

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