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Energy is the backbone of a thriving economy. It is also the lifeblood of every community’s health, safety and well-being, supporting our most basic, everyday needs. Yet this is a time of political change, shifting values and priorities, technological improvements, and greater security risks than ever before. Today’s energy companies must have leaders who are up to these challenges. Strategic agility, innovation, and operational knowledge are only the beginning. The successful energy executive must also possess a solid grasp of the scientific, environmental and regulatory discussions of the day, along with the credibility and diplomatic savvy to navigate those interactions successfully. All of that – plus an unwavering commitment to customer service – make the energy sector a unique recruiting challenge.

At SkyWater, we embrace that challenge. We understand the demands our energy clients face. And we know that the only way to navigate these turbulent times successfully is by putting the right people at the helm of the organization. We help our clients assess and prioritize their leadership needs. And we use our industry knowledge and broad network of relationships to find the right executive to meet those needs.

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“I appreciate SkyWater's open communication dialog. I always knew exactly where they were in the process and they were able to give me feedback and insight from the potential candidates. Even after our candidate accepted the position, SkyWater Search did an excellent job coaching myself on different ways to stay in contact with our new hire during the period of time after he gave his three week notice. I think this was super beneficial in retaining him as a new employee because his previous employer was putting pressure on him to stay. I would definitely consider using Skywater Search again in the future for hiring needs.”

Vice President – Oil Industry | February 2019 CONSTRUCTION


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