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The SkyWater Difference Is Clear

No industry on earth is subjected to the levels of regulatory scrutiny, profound legislative changes, cycles of consolidation and fragmentation, shifts in consumer preference – or risks associated with the product and channel development – than the financial services sector.  Redefinition hasn’t just happened.  It simply never stops.  Today’s financial services executives need more than a solid grasp of the numbers or backroom operations.  To lead, grow and sustain their organizations through turbulent times, financial executives must have outstanding strategic skills, boundless creativity, and the flexibility to embrace – or abandon – processes, products, and marketing strategies as markets and laws change.  

The recruiting team at SkyWater Executive Search has been supporting the executive leadership needs of the financial services sector for decades.  We are connected, immersed in the professional networks that support today’s executives and nurture the development of tomorrow’s most promising leaders, giving us access to top tier talent.  We work with every client to identify current bench strength and future needs.  And we bring in the right fit

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“I believe Brady and I have worked together 3 times before to hire people. He's my go-to' for placements. He takes the time to listen, understand what the firm needs and then is thoughtful to connect us to people that align with our needs. He is honest if he doesn't think that who we are looking for exists. Mostly, I appreciate that he doesn't pressure us to hire, he cares about getting the fit right.”

Client Advisor – Wealth Management Firm | April 2019 ACCOUNTING & FINANCE


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