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Our strength is your competitive advantage. Be the first in your industry to reach the very best candidates. Choose a search firm who knows the technology industry.


The SkyWater Difference Is Clear

This is the business of genius, speed, and passionate creativity.  It is also a business of unpredictability.  Globalization, rapidly changing consumer preferences, and bursts of ingenuity from relative newcomers can wreak havoc on business plans.  Today’s industry leader can find itself trying to catch up, keep up or get out of the competition. Without brilliant, dynamic leadership, even the most successful IT company can quickly lose its footing.

SkyWater Executive Search helps today’s tech organizations identify their leadership needs, pinpoint weak spots, and bring in the right talent. Our relationships and networks reach across multiple industries, giving us access to some of the nation’s most gifted I.T. leaders.  Our experience includes:

  • .net organizations
  • Data Analytics (Big Data)
  • Hardware
  • SAAS/Cloud Technology
  • Software
  • Telecom Products/Services

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“I enjoy working with SkyWater Search. They are very responsive which I appreciate. SkyWater Search is definitely one of our top agencies we work with. ”

Director – SaaS Company | April 2019 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY


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