Sales Recruiters in Minneapolis, MN

Sales Recruiters in Minneapolis, MNWith SkyWater Search Partners comes a wealth of established sales industry connections and market knowledge. Our experience as sales executives and sales recruiters provides keen insight into both finding the right sales leaders and securing their interest in a position.

We’re very persistent in our search for top sales performers. Our rigorous sourcing and evaluation process means that clients only see top-tier candidates – their short list.

Talent moves fast, so do we. Let us show you the most highly qualified, fully vetted and secured candidates first. Get ahead of the pack. Start with your short list.

We help clients successfully fill a wide range of sales positions including:

  • Vice President of Sales
  • National Sales Manager
  • Regional Vice President
  • District Sales Manager
  • National Account Manager
  • Major Account Representative
  • Sales Representative
  • Inside Sales Representative
  • Sales Engineer
  • Account Manager