SkyWater Search engaged to recruit Inside Sales Managers


An industry leader in the SaaS (Software as a Service) sector who has recruited over 500 employees in the last 20 years, evolving from a privately owned company into a well-known publicly traded organization.



As a result of significant growth the client had recently changed the structure of its sales teams. SkyWater Search was engaged to recruit two Inside Sales Managers. The positions were strategically important as they would oversee entry level, lead generation representatives. This assignment was challenging for several reasons. The successful candidates would need to demonstrate high levels of energy combined with equal amounts of patience. The selected candidates must also display coaching skills while acting as both ‘babysitter’ and role model for the upcoming generation. The final challenge in this search was the compensation, which was lower than we would normally expect for a role requiring clear leadership abilities.



SkyWater Search spoke with more than 30 candidates, interviewed 14 in office and presented 8 candidates on the final shortlist.



SkyWater Search placed two candidates with proven track records of success in sales leadership. This was a notable achievement as both candidates were outside the compensation guidelines for these positions. This required skilled negotiation to enable them to see the bigger picture with the employer, while also encouraging the client to compare the compensation offered with previous company leadership roles. From the time SkyWater launched the search to acceptance of the second offer totaled 65 days. The client was exceptionally pleased given the unique challenges of both hires. The candidates transitioned seamlessly and are thriving in their new environment.