The 5 Best Phrases to Use in a Job Interview

I recently wrote a post about the 10 Most Important Things to Bring to a Job Interview. In it, I mentioned that when you’re face-to-face, you’re communicating more through your actions, facial expressions and body language than you are with your words.  But make no mistake about it: the words you choose matter.  They matter a lot.

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“What is your Ideal Work Environment?”

The job interview question you should ask yourself before you apply.

Part 1 of a 2 part series

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The Myth of the Summer Hiring Slowdown: Don’t Fall for It

After another long and brutal winter here in Minnesota, the trees are once again leafy, every last one of our 10,000+ lakes has returned to its liquid state, and the bike trails are filled with happy, short-sleeved cyclists.  Yes, it is summer in Minnesota!  Do not even bother pointing out that summer doesn’t actually begin for another month.  We don’t care!  We’re in the sweet spot: soaking in the sunshine between April’s showers and June’s mosquitos.  And life is good.

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