HR Administrative Assistant – Construction Company

Working with Brian was great. He was always quick to get back to me via email or to hop on a quick call. We had a few tech issues with the assessments we have candidates do as part of the interview process and Brian would kindly check in with me (and Ian) to keep that line of communication open so everyone could on the same page. We really appreciate his efforts and SkyWater’s!

Director of Talent – Litigation Firm

We were highly impressed with Alex. He presented a very strong slate of candidates very quickly. It’s a pleasure working with Alex as he knows our firm and culture well. I believe this is the 5th or 6th placement he’s helped us with. We are very excited about our new hire and feel that he is going to be a great fit for our firm and bring our IT team into the future.

Engineering Manager – Medical Machinery Company

Thanks for reaching out. Overall, I liked Zach’s approach. He reached out and learned our team’s needs but did end up staying back after interviews were started. We hired pretty quickly after the first few candidates we reviewed.

Director of Development Engineering – Electronic Manufacturing

I’ve been working with recruiting services to hire engineers for about 15 years now.  I get cold calls from new recruiters all the time but have found very few worth my time.  There’s only one fellow I have been working with long term.  The reasons for that come down to personal follow up, clear understanding of the needs, and obvious course correction based on feedback.  Zach is the only recruiter I’ve worked with in the past 10 years that has come close to my benchmark guy.


Zach wasn’t pushy.  He took the time to ask me good questions about my needs & expectations, going much deeper than typical recruiters.  His follow up wasn’t too frequent nor was it scarce.  He listened to my feedback about first candidates and quickly refined his search.  I never dreaded a call from Zach, wondering what smoke he’d blow my way next.  He even handled some awkward interactions with our brand new controller and our HR generalist with class.  I struggle to find ways to suggest improvement for Zach or the Skywater approach.


You’ve got a good formula going and Zach’s approach really jives with me.  He has earned a spot on my benchmark list.  I look forward to another opportunity to work with Zach and Skywater.


BTW, we are three days into our first week with our new hire and I’m super happy.

Managing Director – Private Equity Investment Firm

Working with Julie was great. I know she worked really hard to find qualified candidates for us and we’re excited to have our new hire join us. Julie was very collaborative throughout the process. I could give her very candid feedback on applicants and on our process. She was responsive, often taking my calls in the evening after typical work hours. When the first batch of candidates didn’t meet our targeted profile, she took the time to better understand what we were looking for and provided strong candidate profiles.

Corporate Controller – Truck Manufacturer

Tom is great. He is very responsive and spends time understanding the needs and makes appropriate adjustments as we work on each candidate. I am happy with the overall experience.

Hiring Manager – Educational Programing

Erin was a pleasure to work with. She quickly understood the job profile and found a great group of candidates for us to speak to. Once we knew we wanted to move forward with our top candidate, she helped us to quickly confirm his interest and successfully move to an acceptance. I want to also give Erin credit for being very flexible with our hiring process, as there were two of us on the CPM side involved from the beginning with various scheduling conflicts, and she patiently helped us navigate scheduling and follow-ups with the candidates, and always provided thoughtful recaps.

Hiring Manager – Jeweler

We had an awesome experience with Emma. We have worked with other placements companies in the past and this was by far our best experience. I highly recommend SkyWater.

Hiring Manager – Workspace design & supplier

Tom was great. He clearly put a lot of energy behind finding us good candidates quickly. He was very responsive and the communication was always very clear. Tom was also very easy to work with.

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