Technology Lead – Education Software Company

Alex has been one of the best recruiters I’ve worked with. Always appreciate chatting with him and hearing his insight. He really understands the job requirements and finds qualified candidates. He never wastes my time. I appreciate the “introduction” emails where Alex lists the things he likes about the candidates. He gives me a good idea of who I’ll be chatting with. Additionally, my impressions mostly align with his after initial conversations. He keeps me up-to-date with where the candidates are at. Both in terms of how they’re feeling about our interview process as well as where they’re at in other interview processes. Alex checks in at the right cadence.

IT Manager – Legal Firm

As long as you keep finding good candidates when we need them we will continue to be happy with your service. Zac contacted me at just the right time as we were starting our process and he was able to quickly get the candidate in front of us. It’s the fastest hiring cycle I’ve ever had. I’m not sure what you are doing differently than your competitors to get good talent, but our last 4 placements have all come from SkyWater. The candidates from other recruiting firms just haven’t quite measured up.

Director of Human Resources – Retail

I believe this is the 3rd placement that I have successfully partnered with Alex on. I truly enjoy working with him. He is incredibly responsive, transparent and does a nice job of representing our company when working with potential candidates. I feel we have a really great partnership.

I’ve referred several candidates and companies seeking good search partners to your firm knowing you uphold to high standards and have a great reputation because of it.

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