Retained Search

When it’s time to bring in new blood, you need an executive search firm who understands what’s at stake.

A great hire is a perfect fit. Nothing less. They’re that unique individual who brings exactly what you need to take your organization to the next level. Finding that person takes a lot more than recruiting skills or industry knowledge. It calls for a firm grasp of your company’s culture, brand, market, competition and vision. It requires deep connections across many industries and credibility with the people you want to attract. It demands the insight to predict with accuracy how a promising candidate will actually lead within your organization. And it all needs to happen quickly. Because your company can’t slow down for a lengthy recruiting process.

Enter SkyWater.

Building Your Leadership Team

It’s not a one-time exercise. It’s a never-ending process of growing, refining, and aligning that team with your organization’s vision. At SkyWater, we know that every great leadership team is more than a collection of great individuals. It is a dynamic coalition developed only through the careful meshing of individual strengths, styles and experiences.

A Keen Eye for Key Talent

SkyWater is led by the most successful executive recruiters in Minnesota, a team that has been helping Fortune 500 companies strengthen and grow their executive leadership for more than twenty years. Your search is our top priority. We invest the time to fully understand who you are – and who you need. And we bring back the best fit – the right person to hep you get from where you are now to where you want to be.

Reputation is Everything

SkyWater Search Partners is built on a foundation of thoughtfully nurtured, long-standing relationships and hundreds of successful placements throughout the Twin Cities business community. Clients and candidates are well aware of SkyWater’s track record for matching top talent with top organizations.