Selling the Job: How to Convince Top Candidates To Say Yes

What happens when your number one job candidate turns down your best offer?  Here’s what happens:  you’re suddenly breaking all speed records to reach back out to Finalists Two and Three (and maybe Four).  But if they were so great, they may no longer be available.  And if they’re no longer interested, you’re starting all over again, re-working your network for the same job. The repeat calls, emails, postings, conversations and negotiations cost you time, money and credibility.

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Choosing the Best Recruiter Contract

Finding and hiring the best talent is a high stakes challenge for every organization.  Whether you’re a start-up, making your first serious management hire, or you’re a corporate recruiter, working on multiple open positions every week, filling an open job is not only time consuming.  It can also be expensive, frustrating, and unpredictable.  Yet, every open job represents the future of your organization.  Will this new person add long-term value – without too much short-term upheaval?  Do they have the aptitude, attitude and work style to gel with the rest of your team?  By adding them now

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Attract and Keep Top Talent by Strengthening your Employer Brand

How do you market your organization to the candidate pool you want to attract?   In other words, how do you promote your corporate culture and differentiate it from those of your competitors?  For every new hire who walks in your front door, each of those recruiting messages was a promise.  Whether it was a slogan on a campus career day sign, the language used in an online job posting, or the courtesies extended during the interview process, each of these messages sets an expectation with that candidate.  You’re making promises.  You’re promoting your Employer Brand, trying to convince the

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